968 Turbo RS Aero Wiper Deflector for all Porsche 968 Models


In 1992 Porsche introduced the 968 Turbo RS race car in order to compete in the new ADAC GT racing series in Germany. This racer was based on the 968 coupe with limited lightening only due to the regulations of the series which had a 4kg/bhp power/weight ratio limit. The Turbo RS featured a KKK K27 turbo boosting the 3.0litre 4-cylinder engine using an 8-valve head - similar to the cylinder head of the 944 Turbo S - rather than the 16-valve standard 968 head. This power plant produced an output of 350 bhp which is far below the power level it could have achieved.

European weather played the biggest part in Porsche’s development of the Aero Windscreen Deflector which was designed to help eliminate wiper lift at high speeds encountered on the race circuits. This is a problem that most cars featuring a ‘low profile windscreen rake’ suffer as passing air gets under the blades at speed and lifts the blades slightly creating a ‘hovercraft’ effect. This then leads to poor visibility at speeds over 60-70mph.

At Deutsch Nine, we have reproduced the Turbo RS Aero Wiper Deflector. The screen deflector works by deflecting the air upwards towards the edge of the bonnets leading edge. This helps drive the air resistant’s in an upward fashion eliminating much of the wind resistance which normally gets under the wiper blades. The original 968 Turbo RS version features an open back design which we have exactly replicated.

This product which is exclusive to Deutsch Nine weighs less than 1kg and is manufactured to the highest standards in FRP (Fibreglass) and supplied in a white gel-coat ready to prime and paint. It fits against the bonnet perfectly ensuring that no air will get under the deflector.

Mounting the product can be achieved with various techniques and we have tested using double sided ‘3M Automotive Tape’ (recommended) or using a few lines of windscreen silicon black sealant.

For-reinstalling wiper jets we recommend to mount washer jets onto the wiper arms (which we have found to be the best option using the same jets as fitted to the new Mercedes Sprinter Van).

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