968 Turbo RS intercooler outlet for Porsche 968 (can also be fitted to 951)


In 1992 Porsche introduced the 968 Turbo RS race car in order to compete in the new ADAC GT racing series in Germany. This racecar was based on the Porsche 968 CS with limited lightening only due to the regulations of the series which had a 4kg/bhp power/weight ratio limit. The Turbo RS featured a KKK K27 turbo boosting the 3.0litre 4-cylinder engine using an 8-valve head similar to the cylinder head of the 944 Turbo S, rather than the 16-valve standard 968 head. This powerplant produced a (restricted) output of 350 bhp which is far below the power level it could have achieved without any restrictions. In order to perfectly complement the factory turbo conversion of the 968, the Porsche Motorsport department in Weissach developed a modified front bumper with an upper inlet area about twice the profile of the standard bumper and an intercooler air outlet, both used to implement a very intelligent and innovative intercooler ventilation system.

In this system, the airstream is collected with a magnanimously dimensioned rectangular intake at the very front of the car in a high-pressure area and then directly forced into the intercooler for the intake air. After having passed the intercooler, the hot air then is deflected upwards and leaves via the intercooler air outlet in the bonnet. This configuration combines the following advantages:

  • Intercooler air stream is completely separated from other air streams (hot air that has passed the intercooler does not get into the engine bay and allows both low intake air temperatures as well as low engine bay temperatures in general)
  • As the air is deflected upwards, the airstream through the intercooler creates additional downforce at higher speeds
  • Positioning of the air cooler allows very efficient intercooler ventilation and increases performance and durability of the engine

All in all, the 968 Turbo RS intercooler setup may be considered as one of the most efficient and innovative in the automotive industry of its time.

RSR9 features a high-quality replica of the 968 Turbo RS intercooler outlet offering the same dimensions as the OEM part. When analyzing the OEM part, we noticed that its quality regarding surface imperfections as well as symmetry of the design does not comply with our requirements so we have taken the effort to design a proper replica of the 968 Turbo RS intercooler outlet from scratch. The result of our development is a nice quality product and an absolute must for everybody who wants to build a proper 968 Turbo RS replica.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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