968 Turbo S and RS NACA ducts for Porsche 968 (can also be fitted to other Porsche Transaxle models)


In 1992 Porsche introduced the 968 Turbo RS race car in order to compete in the new ADAC GT racing series in Germany. This racecar was based on the Porsche 968 CS with limited weight optimization only due to the regulations of the series which  a 4kg/bhp power/weight ratio limit. The Turbo RS featured a KKK K27 turbo boosting the 3.0litre 4-cylinder engine using an 8-valve head, similar to the cylinder head of the 944 Turbo S rather than the 16-valve standard 968 head. This powerplant produced a (restricted) output of 350 bhp which is far below the power level it could have achieved without any restrictions. In order to complement the additional need for cooling and intake air of the new racecar, the Porsche Motorsport department in Weissach implemented two so-called NACA ducts into the bonnet of the car.

A NACA scoop or duct is a common design for a low-drag intake, originally developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (the predecessor of NASA) in 1945, hence called NACA duct. When properly designed and implemented, it allows air to be drawn into an internal duct with a minimal disturbance to the flow. The design was originally called a “submerged inlet”, since it consists of a shallow ramp with curved walls recessed into the exposed surface of a streamlined body. NACA ducts are very often found in aviation and racing applications.

DEUTSCH NINE features an improved design of the OEM Turbo RS NACA ducts. The dimensions of our products are the same but we have considerably refined the quality of the surface as well as the symmetrical layout and overall quality of the ducts, aspects we noticed we had to improve when analysing the OEM parts during the development process. Our Turbo RS NACA ducts are delivered as a pair and can be easily installed by cutting out the respective areas out of the bonnet using a Dremel and a small cut off wheel. A cutting pattern can be provided in order to ensure they are easily placed in the right position.

These ducts can also be used for a wide range of applications outside of the original use.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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