993 Headlight Lightweight Conversion Wings for Porsche 968


RSR9 presents another innovative and highest quality product: The 993 Headlight Lightweight Conversion Wings for all Porsche 968 models.

Do you love the timeless and elegant design of the Porsche 968? We always did and we do. Do you also like its “not-so-timeless frog eyes”, a design and concept relict from the much older V8 928? We - to be perfectly frank - did not like them particularly well, and that is expressed in a diplomatic manner. And we also determined that they also weigh too much with their heavy pods, casing and lift mechanism with not one but even two heavy electric motors. At the same time, having owned and driven a 993 or two, we always admired the impressively beautiful headlights and therefore thought “could and should we not combine the best of the 968 world with the best of the 993 world?”

The initial decision was rapidly made, but the implementation took quite a bit longer. We have seen a few 968 with 993 headlights added in the past. Some of them used the standard 968 wings and simply added the headlight units from the 993. This did not convince us because the 993 headlights sit in a lot steeper angle in the wings than the 968 pop up headlight apertures are designed. Furthermore, when simply adding the 993 headlight units to a 968 wing, the lenses noticeably protrude from the aperture and wing surface making the result look “pop eyed”, unfinished and not factory looking.

We therefore decided to completely and symmetrically re-model a set of 968 wings and implement the following requirements:

  • Implement the headlight aperture and surrounding from the 993 wing allowing for a recessed factory installation.
  • Increase the angle of the headlight aperture so that 993 headlight units can be used but not so much that it is as steep as on the 993 (which again would look incorrect for the 968)
  • Completely remodel the entire shaping and curvature of the wing above the sideline (which became necessary due to the increased angle)
  • Completely remodel the actual side line of the wing
  • Ensure best possible symmetry in the design

We spent a good week developing and perfecting a set of wings until we were happy with the result.

You may now benefit from our development efforts and purchase a factory-appearance, high-quality and lightweight set of 993 headlight conversion wings for your 968 at a fair price. You may therewith both perfection the looks of your 968 and save a lot of weight on the front axle, which is the axle on which the 968 is “too heavy” anyways. To perfect and round up the 993 front appearance, also check out our 993 Turbo S style brake air intakes with projector lights.

We also would like to point out that by converting to 993 headlights, your 968 is entering the world of modern Litronic (HID) light performance…say bye bye to poor night vision…


The old wings and headlight mechanism is simply removed and the new wings are bolted on like the steel wings have been before. In order to install the 993 headlight units, the wheel housing front part (944 501 345 00 / 01) must be slightly trimmed with a cut-of wheel allowing for the longer 993 headlight units to fit in. This bodywork modification could be reversed at a later date by welding back on the material which was previously trimmed off. If you consider reverting back the car to factory wings and pop-up headlights, we recommend to keep the material which is trimmed of.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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