OEM Style Convex Makrolon AR Side Window Kit


To complement our OEM finish LEXAN® polycarbonate thermoplastic rear hatch window, RSR9 are proud to offer a 4-piece side and rear quarter window kit made from scratch-resistant Makrolon AR manufactured in OEM convex and green tinted style for the dedicated trackday and racecar driver fitting all Porsche Transaxle models 924, 944, 944 S2, 951/952 and 968.

These windows are an exact replica of the OEM glass ones including the convex shape. Our side window kit offers a weight saving over the standard glass of more than 50%, weighing approx. 1.2 kg for the large side window (1.4 kg incl. slide window) and approx. 0.35 kg for the rear quarter window.

The optional slide window is 25cm long and 15cm high and may be completely opened, it “slides out properly” maintaining position when closed and features an appropriately sized handle to operate it also if wearing racing gloves.

If you wish to add additional venting ducts to aid air flow both into and out of your cars cabin then our product can be easily machined from standard metal working tools. No special tools are needed, and finished parts can be polished to a high gloss. Please note: Water or water-soluble cutting oils should be used when machining polycarbonate (cutting out holes), since some standard cutting oils will attack the material. Polycarbonate can be machined on standard metalworking or woodworking equipment.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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