Short Shift Kit (Gearbox side) for Porsche 944, 944 S2, 951


RSR9 offers this high-quality Short Shift Kit for the dedicated sport driver and for every systematic and consistently built race car.

A Short Shift Kit reduces the gear throw required to shift gears. Our kit provides a throw reduction for both gear shift (longitudinal movement, eg.: 1st to 2nd in the 944) and changing shift gate (lateral movement, e.g. 2nd to 3rd in the 944). This reduction allows precise and quick shifting making the RSR9 Short Shift Kits a must-have upgrade for racing cars, trackday tools and every sophisticated sportscar driver.

Besides improving gear shift times, a short shift kit also provides more pleasure of driving to the active driver looking for a crisp, short shift that snaps right into gear.

This stainless steel short shift kit offered by RSR9 reduces the throw for the gear shift by 35% and the change of shift gate by 45%.

Installing this bolt-in upgrade in addition provides the benefit of replacing the OEM plastic joint attached to the gearbox which is known for wearing out leading to unprecise gear shifting, slackness in the shift gate and a poor feedback and shifting control in general.

Installing a short shift kit will decrease the gear throw required to shift gears and shift gate, the momentum required to change gears will increase though inversely proportional to the reduction of the throw (this however applies to all gearbox-sided short shift kits available for the 924/944/968). We also strongly recommend checking - and if necessary replacing the relevant parts - the shift lever bushing at the shift bar and the guide bolt in the gear lever. The short shift kit will only work flawlessly if these components are checked properly.

The short shift kit is made from stainless steel. The bearing bush is made from plain bearing bronze and special coated with Teflon in order to provide optimum longevity.

Product Specification:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Short Shift Kit
  • 35% Gear Shift Reduction
  • 45% Shift Gate Reduction (11% on custom order)

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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