Vented Badge Banel for Porsche models 944 Turbo / S2


Another innovative product from RSR9 which combines convincing functionality and improved performance with a highly-appealing design that perfectly compliments the stylistic elements of the Porsche models 951 and S2.

The vented badge panel offers the following key aspects:

  • High quality and lightweight design – The badge panel offers a high quality with a fine gelcoat surface which is almost ready to be primered and is built lightweight FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic).
  • Perfectly harmonic design – It perfectly compliments the original bumper with its intercooler air intake and therefore looks very nicely integrated and ‘factory’.
  • A bolt-in solution – The entire complexly shaped panel is made from one piece only using multi-piece-mould-manufacturing processing. This ensures precise fitment and a simple installation.
  • Performance gains and reduced engine thermic loads – Cooler air getting into the cylinders means increased performance and reduced thermic loads on the engine, our badge panel almost doubles the air that is being fed to the intercooler leading to a significantly improved air flow through the intercooler which allows it to work more efficiently resulting in lower thermal loads on the engine as well.

For maximum Intercooler efficiency, we recommend fitting the Vented Badge Panel combined with our Turbo RS Heat Extraction Vents.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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