Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof (with additional head clearance) for Porsche 924, 944, S2, 951 and 968


RSR9 presents another innovative and highest quality product. The Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof. This product is not just a replica carbon fiber version of the OEM steel roof as it has been offered by other vendors. It is a complete new development with significant design improvements tailored for motorsport and racing applications. The Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof for Porsche 924, 944, S2, 951 and 968 offers the following key product features:

  • Central air intake: RSR9 has integrated an air intake into the center of the Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof. This provides copious amounts of fresh air to the driver and is significantly more efficient in terms of flow rates than the air inlets normally encountered on the side of track-prepared Transaxle Porsches (i.e. slider windows in the side windows).
  • Twin longitudinal edges have been blended into the design allowing for additional strength while  lowering the weight since less layers of carbon fiber are required to achieve the same strength as a standard shaped roof.
  • Added head-clearance: The roof was completely re-modelled with the right and left side from the center built higher than the standard roof allowing for approx. 15mm’s additional head clearance for driver and passenger.
  • Dramatic weight savings: Thanks to the choice of the materials used (carbon fiber and heay duty epoxy resin) and the production processes applied (careful manual application of each carbon and epoxy layer followed by the application of a breather fabric and curing under stable vacuum conditions), the Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof (including integrated vent and in-mould-coating) weighs only approx. 2.9kg’s. Compared to a Targa Roof including periphery this allows for an impressive weight saving of approx. 20kg’s.
  • Lowering the center of gravity: Not only does the Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof significantly lower the weight of the entire roof section, more importantly the weight is saved in an area which is literally the highest above the center of gravity. Thanks to this, the handling of the car during cornering benefits significantly.

To summarize, the Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof is a must-have for any serious racecar build.

We recommend installing a roll-cage together with the Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof.

The Roof is installed by completely removing the windscreen and old roof skin (drilling open the spot welds) and bolting and glueing the new Vented Carbon Fiber RSR Roof in place. Fitment is rather simple and the fitment is very precise.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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