968 Rear Bumper PU Conversion for Porsche 944


When the Porsche 968 was introduced in 1992, the world was in the throes of a global recession which darkened sales for many automotive companies, also including Porsche. The Porsche 968 was the final evolution of the original 924 and 944 and even though this car was at the time of launch slated by the motoring press for looking almost exactly like the final and outgoing Porsche 944 S2, the car was in fact over 80 percent new. But even the perfect driving experience provided by the car still did not detract from the motoring presses comments.

However, today the 968 is considered by many as the best front-engined, rear wheel drive car ever produced and to this day the car is still referenced to as the benchmark for handling and driver involvement.

There were three main features that helped this car stand out from the ‘age dating’ 944 which included a new polyurethane rear bumper, side skirts (rocker covers) which were added to help blend in with the lines of the new rear PU (bumper) and finally new headlights which adopted the old and quirky designed lift mechanism from the Porsche 928.

Over the years several owners of 944’s have invested thousands of EUR to fit an OEM 968 PU rear bumper to their cars which involves serious metal fabrication and in most cases ends up in a complete re-spray of the car.

Product specifications and installation

RSR9 have addressed this problem and manufactured a retro-fit 968 rear bumper and modified the exhaust exit and toe-eye location to match that of the Porsche 944 allowing a perfect fit and the use of the original 968 rubber beading (also known as wing beading). Fitment of our Porsche 968 replica rear bumper involves only minor modification to the back of a 944 by the means of trimming the body works original light aperture holes slightly larger with an angle or die grinder meaning that a the car only needs to be touched up with a paint pen to prevent rust. Once the 968 rear bumper is installed, you will not see any of the modifications that were undertaken, hence there is no need for a complete repaint of the body. In other words you only need to paint our 968 bumper to match the colour of your car and install it. The DEUTSCH NINE 968 style rear bumper would also allow you to revert your car back to OEM configuration with ease.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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