968 Style Side Skirts (Rocker Covers) for all Porsche 944 early dash N/A models


To complement our 968 rear bumper PU conversion for your Porsche 944, we have also adapted the 968 side skirts again manufactured to high quality standards from FRP (Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic).

The original Porsche 968 side skirts (rocker covers) are made of two parts for each side of the car. These two parts consist of front wing (fender) lower covers and the sill covers.

Replicas of the original 968 rocker covers have been on the market for several years provided by other companies but effectively these replicas join the two parts together to make one long rocker cover which then fits to the top edge of the door sill shut line not perfectly replicating the original Porsche items.

We have replicated the exact look of the original two part 968 product and used a new fitting method to achieve the exact look and finish as developed by Porsche.

Fitting of the 968 Rocker Covers is relatively straight forward and can be achieved by any good body shop or any enthusiast with good DIY capabilities.

Once painted and fitted you will not notice the difference between the original 968 and your new updated looking 944.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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