Adjustable RS Cam Gear for all 8 Valve Porsche 924S, 944 and 951 models


The factory cam gear design does not offer the precision, adjustability and fine-tuning possibilities which are required to optimize and adjust the engines performance to its best.

One problem occurs when the engine has had its head or block faced: The distance between the Cam Gear and the crankshaft pulley is reduced causing a change of the camshaft timing as the belt is in effect longer compared to the above described ‘stock distance’. The cam is now retarded in its timing compared to the stock configuration. This changes the timing for a few degrees to retard; retarding the timing will ‘delay’ peak power towards the top end.

Another problem was encountered while analyzing different OEM Cam Gears. There are at least two different versions that the factory has fitted to 944/951 engines. The tolerance of the timing between the gear teeth and the keyway was measured to be as much as 2° different from one another. This again is just about a few degrees but it shows that an adjustable cam gear is a great upgrade to eliminate these irregularities completely.

In addition to this, and our main reason for offering this upgrade to the sophisticated customer, an adjustable Cam Gear helps to optimize the power output and especially to define how the engine develops its power. The whole point of an adjustable Cam Gear is to allow the dialling in of the camshaft to its optimal timing position for the specific characteristics of the individual engine, in other words to achieve the fine tuning of the engine in combination with other upgrades.

Even if the engine is completely stock, a benefit can be attained using an adjustable Cam Gear to allow the adjustment of the ‘conservative factory settings’ for increased power and driveability. The higher modified an engine is, generally the bigger the benefit will be. Cam timing often needs to be done in order to match other engine modifications, especially if considering turbocharged engines. Adjustable cam gears also give the user the ability to shift their peak power throughout the RPM range and to get the power in the rpm range where it fits your requirements best.

In general, advancing timing will increase low end power and decrease high end power, while retarding timing will shift the power to the top end.

Product description and specifications

RSR9 offers this new design 2-piece adjustable Cam Gear for the 924S, 944 and 951 (fits all 8 Valve models). This Cam Gear has been designed and manufactured by a renowned CNC machining shop manufacturing heavy duty and highest performance components for rally and drag-racing engines. The material used for machining is 6026 automatic semi hard Aluminium, the Cam Gears running surface is hard anodized offering a hardness of 70 HRC (on the Rockwell hardness scale). The 3 bolts used for fitment are 10.9 M8 allowing a guaranteed slip-less fit with 3 bolts only. This consistent design and highest manufacturing standard make the RSR9 Cam Gear 335g lighter than the OEM part and offers a wide range of adjustability.

The Cam Gear allows you to incrementally adjust the Cam timing using the timing marks / timing scale that is precisely machined on the gear wheel and the back-plate itself. The gear is easily adjustable from 12° retard to 12° advance and therewith allows you to fine tune the Cam for optimum performance. After loosening the 3 screws attaching the gear wheel to the back-plate, you can dial your Cam back in and beyond to move your power band up or down depending on your requirements.

The gear is a bolt-in replacement for your OEM Cam Gear and includes all parts required for fitment.

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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