Porsche 944 turbo (951) and 944 S2 – GTS Headlight Conversion


Back in the late seventies 70’s, Porsche was engineering the development of its own racing legends known as the Porsche 924 Carrera GTS and GTR models. During wind tunnel development testing, Porsche determined the serious drag factors associated with the existing Porsche 924 cars pop-up headlight design when the cars were driven ‘lights on / up’.

With the 24 hour race of Le Mans in Porsche’s sights, development work started on a revised complete headlight unit which basically consisted of a ‘recessed bucket’ with a rectangular headlight installed. This assembly was then fitted into the position of the original designed headlight area and removing the additional weight of the lift motor and bar. Once installed, clear Perspex (Lexan) vacuum formed covers were fitted which followed the same lines of the front badge panel meeting the side of the front wings.

This design offered the exact same ideal aerodynamics during driving at day and night retrospectively. It also reduced the weight due to the fact that the lift bar and motor for the pop-up mechanism had been removed. And it also improved accessibility in the engine bay.

This solution offered very efficient aerodynamics and consistent weight reduction but it is less efficient than the pop up version when it comes to the comparison of light performance: The steeply raked cover causes light refraction which bends and defuses the light and therewith reduces performance.

For racing purposes, the positive effects of improved aerodynamics and weight reduction by far overweigh, but for street cars, Porsche decided to maintain the pop up design.

GTS/GTR headlight conversion kits have been offered by various manufacturers in the past. It has been reported though that fitment and product quality of these products are rather poor.

Product Description and Specifications

This GTS headlight conversion kit offered by RSR9 is a complete bolt-in solution meeting the highest quality requirements and provides very precise fitment. It has been specifically developed for the 924 and 944 and includes all parts required for the conversion. This kit has been developed and is manufactured in Switzerland.

The scope of delivery includes two lightweight GTS light housings made from FRP featuring a black gelcoat surface and being delivered in black matt finish, two Makrolon covers with nicely painted borders in glossy black, adjustable fitment tubes, headlight units and all hardware required for the installation.

The Plexiglas covers are made from 2mm thick UV-resistant Makrolon precisely replicating the shape of the OEM metal headlight covers.

Only two small holes have to be drilled in the car to fit the GTS headlight units. Both the light housings and the headlight units may be precisely adjusted. The headlight adjustment can be done by simply opening the bonnet and accessing the three grub screws from the back of the headlight housing.

Fitting the GTS headlight conversion kits to your Porsche Transaxle offers the following benefits:

  • Considerable weight savings of 13.5kg’s (OEM pop up headlights including lift bar and motor weigh 16kg’s whereas the GTS units only weigh 2.5kg’s). Weight is also saved at the very front of the car which is ideal for improved driving dynamics.
  • Improved aerodynamics when the headlights are on.
  • High quality and good fitment.
  • Easy adjustability.
  • Authentic looks.

The installation of the GTS headlight kit can be carried out by the average-skilled enthusiasts within approximately half a day, fitment instructions and pictures for illustration are included in the scope of delivery. We recommend to stop by a workshop after the installation in order to adjust the headlight settings properly. Please note that the GTS headlights are racing components with the focus on lightweight design and racing functionality, therefore a reduced lifetime and slight compromises in the daily driveability can occur (lightweight Makrolon covers are less scratch resistant than heavy glass units and condensation can build up in the GTS housings).

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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