Strut Brace for Porsche 944, 944II, 951, 944 S2 models


RSR9 offers an innovative Strut Brace for the sport driver and for every systematically and consistently built race car. Our strut brace is a must-have upgrade for every Transaxle Porsche that is equipped with a coilover suspension and / or running sport tyres or slicks as well as other front axle upgrades increasing the stress to the front strut towers.

The strut brace increases the rigidity of the front axle by bracing the two struts (accepting the dampers that transfer all the loads on the front axle) against each other. The struts tend diverge under heavy cornering forces leading to poor directional stability and cornering response. By mounting our strut brace you may considerably reduce this negative effect.

The RSR9 strut brace was engineered and tested to comply with the below requirements which have been determined after analyzing various designs on the market:

  • Straight design (no bent or curved design) for maximum rigidity and highest efficiency. This structural concept allows re-dimensioning the brace diameter thinner resulting in a lower weight without affecting the brace strength
  • Mid-mount design at the strut flange, eliminating torsional loads on the strut flange
  • Lightweight design featuring weight optimized strut flanges and thinner strut diameter (compared to other products on the market) resulting in a weight of approx. 1.26kg only
  • Bolt-in installation with excellent accuracy of fit not requiring modifications neither to the bonnet nor to the intake manifold, also compatible with AC equipped cars
  • High-grade choice of materials and excellent workmanship

Please note that the strut brace may affect driving comfort due to the increased rigidity of the front axle. When fitted to Turbo cars (944 turbo or 968) the heat shield needs to be cut out slightly and when fitted to a 968, the plastic cover of the fuel rail needs to be slightly adapted.

Engineered, tested and manufactured in Germany. Race-tested on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Made from stainless steel (strut flange and bolts) and high-strength steel (strut, zinced and coated in black). It may be installed under the bonnet of the Porsche 924, 944I / II, 944S, 944 S2, 944 turbo, 968 turbo.

We recommend the combined fitment of the strut brace with our O-structure brace.

Product Specification:

  • Made from high grade Aluminium EN AW-7075 (black anodized), stainless steel and high strength steel
  • Weight: 1.26kg
  • Quick and easy installation, bolt-in upgrade

Production lead time (if not in stock) is approx. 10 working days from payment. 

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