Special and custom projects

Gearbox revisions, Gearbox optimisation, Alusil-Coating

Thanks to a well-developed network of companies in the industry of Swiss and German companies we may also offer gearbox revisions, gearbox optimizations (upgrade with a Limited Slip Differential [LSD] which best fits your requirements, oil cooling systems or custom gearing) or the rebore and Alusil coating of Porsche Aluminium engine blocks .

Custom projects

We also proceed with involving and extensive custom projects involving CAD / CNC machining, laser- and water jet cutting, TIG and MIG welding, etc.

Current projects include a State oft he Art supercharger kit for the Porsche 968 including a complete intercooling and separate oil-cooling system, a 3.1 liter 968 Turbo S engine or a LS7R V8 for a Porsche-Transaxle-based racecar project.

Conditions / pricing

We continuously aim to offer our clients affordable and competitive pricing on our services. Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your project .

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