Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) are a complete, high-quality and easy-to-use solution against storage problems and flat spots which occur on automobile tyres after storage periods exceeding 3 weeks.

Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) are Made in Switzerland and reflect Swiss Quality. A set of Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) provides you and your Porsche with the following benefits:

  • No more flat spots and storage problems on automobile tyres – Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) effectively prevent flat spots. They cater for perfect vehicle and tyre care also during extended periods of storage. 
  • Easy and comfortable to use – Simply drive on to and off from the Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen), there is no need for re-positioning and fine-adjusting as it is the case with other products. The handling and use is as simple as it can get. Literally as simple as turning the ignition key.
  • A perfect fit for any tyre – Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) flexibly adapt to virtually any dimension of automobile tyre. The heavy duty foam core caters for a perfect fit and actively supports the structure of the tyre.
  • Swiss Quality in the choice of materials and the manufacturing processes – Tyrecushion (Reifenkissen) consist of a thick layer of heavy-duty special grade foam, a maintenance- and corrosion-free reinforcement plate and a thin layer of foam with excellent anti-slip characteristics. All these components are sourced from Swiss suppliers and are manually prepared and assembled in Switzerland.

Despite the numerous attempts of trying to copy the Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) it can be concluded that they have been often imitated but never duplicated. In the sum of their properties, Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) still represent the best performant and easiest to use product of its class. As such, also renowned brands in the automotive industry like Aston Martin Lagonda feature customized versions of Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) in their product portfolio.

Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) are available in the versions Sport (for vehicles up to 1.8 tons weight) and Premium (vehicles over 1.8 tons weight).

You may learn more about the Tyrecushions (Reifenkissen) on the dedicated website www.tyrecushion.co.uk.

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