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Sportwagen Zürich-Kloten GmbH has dedicated and tailored its products and services to the Porsche models 924, 944, 951, 964, 968, 993 and their owners.

The company founder Benjamin Lukas Lörtscher is a wholehearted enthusiast of the last air-cooled 911’s and the Transaxle Porsche model range. In his view, these cars represent an unique era of automotive history, when Porsches were still constructed and designed by engineers and not the marketing department nor the requirements of financial accounting as it unfortunately can be observed nowadays. A such, the cars represent puristic, “analog“, high-quality and timeless pieces of automotive history offering an intense amount of driving pleasure. 

Initially, the fascination for these automobiles was lived only on a hobby basis and then in 2008was followed by the foundation of DEUTSCH NINE INT GMBH which was created together with an UK business partner. DEUTSCH NINE INT GMBH was a Swiss corporation which developed, produced and distributed a high number of aerodynamics, racing and tuning components for the Porsche Transaxle Model range. This product range was distributed worldwide. Due to different views regarding the future development of DEUTSCH NINE INT GMBH, the collaboration with the UK was discontinued and the company liquidated.

Thereafter, the new company Sportwagen Zürich-Kloten GmbH was founded. It has acquired the exclusive rights to the DEUTSCH NINE product range and continues to produce and distribute it. Furthermore, Sportwagen Zürich-Kloten GmbH is continously extending the product range with its own new products. In addition to the products, Sportwagen Zürich-Kloten GmbH offers dedicated services to enthusiasts of the Porsche models 924, 944, 951, 964, 968, 993 which aren’t limited to the scope of a normal workshop but aims to cover the continuously growing demand for soft-and full restauration of the interior and exterior as well as individualization / customization of air-cooled 911’s and Transaxle Porsches.

Thanks to a decade of own dedication in the field of air-cooled 911’s and the Transaxle Porsches, our customers may benefit from profound experience as well as a well-developed international network of business relations, contacts and sources in this field oft he automotive industry.

Sportwagen Zürich-Kloten GmbH operates a well-equipped 450sqm workshop in which it offers a wide range of services.

Additionally, we collaborate with a selected number of Swiss and German Companies which all offer a high level of specialization, experience and competence. Consequently we may also offer more extensive projects such as complete engine rebuilds- and optimizations, full chassis and suspension packages or gearbox rebuilds- and optimizations.

We invite you to learn more about our products and services under the section „products and services“. 

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