Servicing, repairs, rebuilds

Sportwagen Zürich is your competent partner in the greater Zürich area, Zürich-Airport and Winterthur for the servicing, repair and rebuilds of the Porsche models.

  • Porsche 944 (944, 944 S, 944 S2)
  • Porsche 951 (944 turbo / S)
  • Porsche 968
  • Porsche 964
  • Porsche 993

We cater for your Transaxle-Porsche or air-cooled 911 with great dedication and attention to detail. You may benefit from long years of experience in the area oft he afore-mentioned Youngtimer-Porsches. Being Porsche enthusiasts ourselves, we have owned or still own and maintain at least one example of each of the above Porsches ourselves.

Contrary to other workshops, we focus and dedicate our products and services only to the front-engined Porsche Transaxle models 944, 951, 968 and the air-cooled 911’s of the years 1989-1998. By doing so, we can ensure that our customers may benefit from the core competences, special tools, detailed know-how, technical documentation required for servicing, repairing and rebuilding these vehicles. It is our understanding that despite of the timeless design of these Porsche models, they have now reached a respectable age which requires maintenance by a specialist who knows the particularities, weaknesses and requirements of these vehicles in detail. In many aspects the Transaxle Porsches and the last air-cooled 911’s are completely different from modern Porsches and therefore a mechanic trained on the newest Porsche models may not be able to ideally cater for them.

We offer standard maintenance and servicing (periodical maintenance, oil and filter servicing, break fluid service, brakes servicing, etc.) as well as more extensive repairs and rebuilds such as a complete clutch change (including all related materials), Transaxle torque tube rebuilds, total or partial rebuilds and optimization of the engine. Especially with the Transaxle-Porsches, our experience has shown that customers prefer to have their engines (if not requiring an immediate and full rebuild) rebuilt “in stages“. This offers the advantages to split the costs over a longer period of time as well as to avoid long periods of down-time.

For Transaxle-Porsches, we offer the following packages which may be individually adjusted according to your requirements.

Engine - Front side(Porsche 944 S / S2, 951, 968)

Replacing all timing belts (cam and balance shaft belt) including rollers, water pump, balance shaft sleeves, Milar-rings and all seals.

Engine – Top End (Porsche 944 S / S2, 951, 968)

Complete rebuild of the cylinder head including re-surfacing, new valve guides, -seats and -seals (if necessary including the chain and shoe on 16V models), change of the cylinder head gasket (optionally with reinforced or “Cup“ cylinder head gasket), change of intake and exhaust gaskets and vacuum lines.

Engine – Lower end (Porsche 944 S / S2, 951, 968)

Replacing the con rod bearings including cleaning of the oil sump and renewal of the oil pan gasket (and related).

Rear side

Replacing of the Rear Main Seal, Re-surfacing (and optional lightening) of the flywheel, pressure plate, clutch plate, pilot bearing, release bearing, etc.

Conditions / pricing

We continuously aim to offer our clients affordable and competitive pricing on our services. Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your project , no matter if it concerns standard maintenance or a more extensive project.

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